The MST covers almost 1,200 miles of North Carolina—from small towns to national and state parks to historic sites. You could spend months thru hiking or section hiking the MST (and many people do!). Or you can walk highlights of the trail a stretch at a time thanks to our new guide, Great Day Hikes on North Carolina’s Mountains-To-Sea Trail. The guide features 40 hikes carefully chosen by Friends to appeal to hikers of all experience levels.

Can you hike all 40 hikes?

We’re challenging you to discover NC a stretch at a time by successfully completing every hike outlined in the guide. And not only will you experience a fantastic cross section of the state and the MST, but by taking on the challenge, you will receive a special patch when you finish all 40 hikes!

Challenge complete! How do I submit an entry?

To report completion of the 40 Hike Challenge you can submit an online entry using the form below.  All 40 hikes must be completed between March 23, 2020 and March 31, 2023.

Share the fun.

Share photos and stories of your hikes on Facebook and Instagram so we can follow along with you! #MST40Hike

Great Day Hikes on North Carolina’s Mountains-to-Sea Trail

Find hikes, full color maps and photographs of all your favorite trails.

40 Hike Challenge Shirt

Entry Form

Fill out the form below to officially report completion of the 40 Hike Challenge.
Report Your Completion

Or you can download and print a form here. Then, mail your entry form to:

Friends of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail
3509 Haworth Drive, Suite 210
Raleigh, NC 27609