Photo © Adam Collins

Build & Maintain Trail

Workdays along the MST are planned and managed by 20 volunteer task force leaders. The task forces are focused in geographic areas along the trail. Workdays may involve new trail construction or maintenance of existing trail. Most of our workdays are suitable for all types of experience levels. Volunteers are friendly and eager to share their knowledge, so even if you’ve never worked on a trail, we encourage you to lend a hand.

“It was inspiring to see over 50 volunteers hacking away at the hillside to flatten a trail through the woods. These folks have a big vision for the trail. It feels fantastic to be a part of something that people care about, like the MST.”

– Becka Walling, MST Hiker

Trail Angels

Trail angels provide vital help for hikers along the MST. Most hikers would not be able to complete the 1,175 mile trail without their assistance. Trail angels also make hiking the MST a lot more special! Typically, trail angels offer help with lodging/camping, showers, meals, laundry, shuttles, local expertise and advice.

Occasional Needs

From time to time we will have specific opportunities like working at a festival booth or calling your representatives to express support for a proposal.  We will send out emails inviting participation in those initiatives, so make sure you are on our newsletter list. We do welcome you to let us know if you have special trail building, communications, fundraising or other skills that the Friends of the MST would benefit from. Email us at