Buy an MST license plate

//Buy an MST license plate

North Carolinians like you are now using their cars and trucks to support our work and spread the word about the MST!

If you’d like your own MST plate, you can order directly from NC DMV.

Why buy an MST plate?

  1.  It’s a fun way to show your love of hiking and the MST
  2.  It’s a great way to provide financial support for the MST – $20 of the $30 annual cost will be returned to Friends of the MST to build, protect and promote the trail
  3. The plates are a great way to promote awareness of the MST.
  4. Personalized plates with your own 4-character message are available.
  5. NEW BENEFIT: Anyone who purchases a new MST plate will receive a 1-yr membership in Friends of the MST. If you’re already a member, you can gift this to a friend!

Questions? Please contact Betsy Brown, Outreach Manager, at 919-825-0297 x 702 or


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