Martijn and Nienke

Completing the entire MST

There are two ways to complete the MST: a thru-hike or a section hike.

Thru-hiking is a continuous hike of the entire route in one long outing. Section hiking is tackling shorter sections in any given length of time. No matter which way you chose, either way counts as a completion.

MST 40 Hike Challenge

40 Hike Challenge

Discover NC a stretch at a time by successfully completing every hike outlined in the new guide, Great Day Hikes on North Carolina’s Mountains-to-Sea Trail. You will experience a broad cross section of the state and the MST when tackling the challenge and will receive a patch when you finish all 40 hikes.

MST Junior Explorer

Kids, become an MST Junior Explorer!

Go an adventure with family or friends and, while you’re enjoying the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, complete the MST Junior Explorer checklist to claim your prize. It’s a fun way to get out in nature and explore the MST!

MST 46th Birthday

MST Birthday Hike

Each September, we celebrate the founding of the MST with a series of Birthday Hikes across the state. Join us to hike 46 miles in September 2023! For the 40th birthday in 2017, we successfully hiked the entire 1,175 miles of the trail in one day!