On this page you can download 19 chapters of the MST guide. Each chapter provides detailed information about one of the 18 segments of the trail or the alternate paddle route. (To learn more about the location of each trail segment, visit the trail segment page of this website, or click on the checkbox “trail segments” on the interactive Google map.) The guides are available in print as three regional trail guides in our online store or at booksellers and outdoor stores.

In addition to the trail guides, we have partnered with The Hiking Project to provide mapping, downloadable gps tracks, and other hiking information for the MST. Get the entire trail or see individual segments below.

Please send comments and suggestions about the guides to Jim Grode, Trail Resource Manager, at jgrode@mountainstoseatrail.org.

Note: We are currently redesigning our trail guides in an electronic-only format to make them easier to update and use. We will be transitioning to the new guides in the first quarter of 2021, but meanwhile learn more about the changes and download updated sample guides for Segments 8 and 12 here. Until the transition, other segment guides remain available below.


Peak to Peak: Clingmans Dome to Waterrock Knob (Revised 8-5-2019)

Segment 1 Guide


The Balsams: Waterrock Knob to Pisgah Inn (Revised 8-5-2019)

Segment 2 Guide
Segment 3 Guide
Segment 4 Guide
Segment 5 Guide
Segment 6 Guide
Segment 7 Guide
Segment 8 Guide
Segment 9 Guide
Segment 10 Guide
Segment 11 Guide
Segment 11A-16A Paddle Route Guide
Segment 12 Guide
Segment 13 Guide
Segment 14 Guide
Segment 15 Guide
Segment 16 Guide
Segment 17 Guide
Segment 18 Guide

Thanks to the following generous donors for grants to help us complete the MST Trail Guide.

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