Photo © Adam Collins

Trail angels provide vital help for hikers along the MST and most hikers would not be able to complete the 1,175 mile trail without their assistance. Trail angels also make hiking the MST a lot more special!

Typically, our trail angels offer some or all of the following:

  • lodging/camping
  • showers
  • meals
  • laundry
  • shuttles
  • local expertise and advice

If this sounds like something you are willing to provide, or if you have other services of interest to hikers, please send a detailed email to Jim Grode, our trail resource manager at

Please also tell us what area you’re interested in providing these services in. If you know specific points on the trail, that’s great, but if not just let us know the general area and we can work with that. If you’re interested in providing shuttle service, what distance are you willing to drive?

Next, what method would you prefer hikers use to contact you (phone call, text, email, etc.) and how far in advance would you like them to get in touch (this is most commonly a couple of days, but we can easily go longer or shorter as you prefer)?

Based on your answers, we can draft up some proposed language for you to review. After you’ve approved the language, we will post the information on our website here.

Finally, please include your home address. We won’t publish it or otherwise share it without your permission, but it helps for our records so we can have a better sense of where our angels are.

If you’d rather talk by phone, please let us know the best way to reach you and we can set up a time to talk. We will be in touch to confirm your listing before you are added to the trail angel directory.

Thanks for your interest in helping folks hike the MST.