MST in a Day

MST in a Day

We did it!

On Saturday, September 9, the exact 40th birthday of the MST, more than 1700 people working together completed 100% of the MST hiking route, from Clingmans Dome on the Tennessee line to Jockey’s Ridge State Park on the coast. (Three legs of the paddle route – all on the Neuse – were not completed due to paddlers being called away to prepare for Hurricane Irma.)

Thanks to everyone who hiked and paddled and to those who have shared stories and photos from the day.


MST in a Day Segment 11A-16A: Irma assist on the Neuse

Mike and Patty Parrish Hurricane Irma may have steered west, but she still had an impact on folks taking the eastern paddle section of the MST. “Kayaked along the Neuse,” writes Patty Parrish, who paddled with Mike. “It

MST in a Day Segment 18: Hiking for Norman

September 9’s hike had another meaning for Patti Keith and her family. “Today was bittersweet as we hiked the MST,” Patti begins. “My husband Norman loved to hike and was hoping to complete the entire trail. Leukemia took him from

MST in a Day Segment 17: Nature on the Neusiok

One of the more surprising stretches of the MST is the 6.5-mile stretch that piggybacks on the Neusiok Trail in the Croatan National Forest, from the Pinecliff Recreation Area east to NC 306. At times, it’s very coastal, passing through

MST in a Day Segment 16b: A perk to the road sections

Before people sign up for a hike, they almost always have the same question: Are there restrooms along the trail? Alas, because the trail, for the most part, weaves through the woods, the answer is no. Not the case with

MST in a Day Segment 15b: Bray tell, who have we here?

For Randall and Kay Kimrey, the day began at 9 a.m. on a busy stretch of country road near Stella. Fortunately, the drivers were courteous, which freed the Kimreys to focus on meeting new friends. “Came upon 3 friendly donkeys

MST in a Day Segment 13b: Celebrity sighting

Imagine having signed up to hike Leg 5 of Segment 13b, a relatively remote stretch of the MST through Jones Lake State Park, and running into this pair of MST celebrities! First, there’s Howard Lee, the godfather of the MST

MST in a Day Segment 12b: Walking his Walk

Why was there a Mountains-to-Sea Trail in a Day? you ask. Who could come up with such a crazy idea? The good looking guy in the yellow hat, Friends of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail board member Jerry Barker, who pitched the

MST in a Day Segment 11: Big Family, Big Day

Bonking on the trail Does it take big to appreciate big? It probably helps, at least in the case of Jon Parks and family. “We're a family of 7 and our children range in age from 1 year


Segment 1A

Seg1A-Lg-Gay Rose-Met Another Group Hiking in Other Direction

Segment 1B

Seg1B-Lg-J K Coward-Friends Hiking Together

Segment 2

Seg2-Lg10-Mary Stewart-Wonders of Nature

Segment 3

Seg3-Lg14-Fred Lemmens-Top of the Mountain

Segment 4

Seg4-Lg6-Mark Rostan-Table Rock Summit

Segment 5

Seg5-Lg18-20-Kevin Stainback-Segment 5 Leg 18-20 Kevin

Segment 6

Seg6-LgP2-Rick Chatham-Doing the Dog Paddle

Segment 7

Seg7-Lg8-Melissa Lee-Exploring on the Trail

Segment 8

Seg8-Lg15-Steve Harrison-Osprey Trail

Segment 9

Seg9-Lg15-Nancy Plemmons-Happy Trails Happy Trails

Segment 10

Seg10-Lg17-Michael Stone-Hiking Companion

Segment 11A-16A

Seg11A-16A-Lg7-Mark Parrish-Kayaks Stay in Line on Neuse

Segment 11B

Seg11B-Lg7-Sharon Sasser-Along the Way and the Finish

Segment 12B

Seg12B-Lg2-Shelley Bainter-Bentonville Battlefield

Segment 13B

Seg13B-Lg5-Tom Earnhardt-Golden Orb Weaver at Jones Lake State Park

Segment 14B

Seg14B-Lg13-Dana Larkin-A Quick Section for the Win

Segment 15B

Seg15B-Lg19-Martin Thompson-At Start

Segment 16B

Seg16B-Lg5-Chris Grams-Chris Deep in the Forest

Segment 17

Seg17-Lg1-Beverly H-Boardwalk on the Pinecliff MST Trail

Segment 18

Seg18-Lg15-16-Patti Keith-Keith Family
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