Between Friday, September 7th and Sunday the 9th get out for a hike on the MST!

Help us collectively accumulate a huge number of miles walking on the MST across North Carolina in celebration of this beautiful trail and those who hike and maintain it.

Walk where you want anywhere on the 1175 miles (or paddle the Neuse or Yadkin sections), when you want during the weekend, with whomever you want – your hiking buddies, troop, congregation, grandkids (it is grandparents weekend, coincidentally!) This is a great opportunity to introduce a newbie to the MST.

After you’ve hiked, log onto our website, and click on the form to report all the miles you and your hiking partners have completed. After the weekend is over, we’ll share how many miles we hiked together, and any other superlatives that we may achieve over the weekend.

For more information, and FAQs click here.