If you complete the entire MST, we would like to recognize you for your great accomplishment.

Friends of Mountains-to-Sea Trail awards a certificate to everyone who completes the trail at our annual meeting each year (check the events page for date). In order to be recognized for your accomplishment, please follow the guidelines below.

  1. Before you start your journey, please let us know that you’re planning to hike the entire trail. We like to know who’s working on it, and we’re also happy to hook you up with others who have done it before. Because some segments of the trail have limited camping facilities, the logistics of this hike are still challenging.
  2. Because stretches of the MST are still on back roads and bike routes, you have the option of hiking or biking the road and paved greenway sections (although we encourage walking greenways). You also have the option of paddling the Neuse River to complete the Coastal Plain section from Smithfield to the Croatan National Forest near Havelock. To qualify for the completion award, however, you must hike all natural-surface trail sections of the MST unless you choose to paddle the Neuse River route.
  3. Keep a journal and take photos so that you will have a way to remember your adventure and share it with others.
  4. When you have completed your journey, complete the award application form to apply for your award. We trust that all applicants will honestly report how and when they completed the MST.
  5. Please attend our annual meeting after you complete your hike so we can present your award in person and other members and hikers can meet you and hear about your experiences.